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Maui 2016/2017by: Rowald 2016-11-30
Maui 2016/2017
Vulcanoby: Rowald 2016-11-30
Keilua Konaby: Rowald 2016-11-22
Keilua Kona
Kona airportby: Rowald 2016-11-22
Kona airport
Mouna Keaby: Rowald 2016-11-22
Mouna Kea

4200m hight vulcano. The summit is mostly clear. Good for astronomy. This time 4°C and some snow.

Flight Kona to Mauiby: Rowald 2016-11-22
Flight Kona to Maui
Kona to Vulcanoby: Rowald 2016-11-20
Kona to Vulcano
Kona Jackby: Rowald 2016-11-19
Kona Jack
Hawi, Pololu Valleyby: Rowald 2016-11-19
Hawi, Pololu Valley
Kona, Mahai'ula beachby: Rowald 2016-11-18
Kona, Mahai'ula beach
Flight Kahului Maui To Konaby: Rowald 2016-11-17
Flight Kahului Maui To Kona
Olindaby: Rowald 2016-11-15

 a nice hike

Polipoli State Parkby: Rowald 2016-11-12
Polipoli State Park

 a long nice hike

Dahliengarten 2016by: Rowald 2016-09-12
Dahliengarten 2016
Hafenmuseum2016by: Rowald 2016-09-07
Hafenmuseum2016Hafenmuseum, Hafen, Alter Elbtunnel
Læsø2016by: Rowald 2016-08-01

One week Læsø relaxation

Bayreuthby: Rowald 2016-07-25
65 ...by: Rowald 2016-06-21
65 ...

Das war ein lustiges Zusammensein 😊

Dom in HHby: Rowald 2016-05-20
Dom in HH
Dalhiengarten 2012by: Rowald 2016-05-20
Dalhiengarten 2012
100 Years Hamburg Airportby: Rowald 2016-05-20
100 Years Hamburg Airport
Lisa Rae & Jenniferby: Rowald 2016-05-20
Lisa Rae & Jennifer
garage saleby: Rowald 2016-05-20
garage sale
Maui 2013by: Rowald 2016-05-20
Maui 2013
variousby: Rowald 2016-05-20
Alster2015by: Rowald 2016-05-20
bday2014by: Rowald 2016-05-20
Bogøy2015by: Rowald 2015-07-05

One week in Bogøy Norway over summer solstice.

Dalhiengarten 2014by: Rowald 2014-10-20
Dalhiengarten 2014
Helsinki 2008by: Rowald 2013-10-20
Helsinki 2008
Dahliengarten 2013/1by: Rowald 2013-10-20
Dahliengarten 2013/1
Copenhagen 2013by: Rowald 2013-10-20
Copenhagen 2013
Aalbaekby: Rowald 2012-06-10

A little vacation in Aalbaek Danmark. Some impressions of this area like Skagen, Saeby etc and the beautiful country. 

Cherry Blossom Fireworksby: Rowald 2012-05-20
Cherry Blossom Fireworks

Always an exiting event this Japanese Cherry blossom firework in Hamburg. This time a got a tiny space on the bridge at Rabenstrasse. 

Haleakala Summitby: Rowald 2012-04-10
Haleakala Summit
Haleakala Hosmer Groveby: Rowald 2012-04-10
Haleakala Hosmer Grove
Kahakapao Trail - Fong Ridgeby: Rowald 2012-03-23
Kahakapao Trail - Fong Ridge
Iao Valleyby: Rowald 2012-03-23
Iao Valley
Kahakapao Trailby: Rowald 2012-03-14
Kahakapao Trail
Mahana Ridge Trailby: Rowald 2012-02-26
Mahana Ridge Trail

hiking Mahana Ridge Trail (17km) 

Ballon + Haborby: Rowald 2011-06-27
Ballon + Habor
My birthday 2011by: Rowald 2011-06-20
My birthday  2011

Eine schöne feier und gutes Essen

Haspa Marathon 2011by: Rowald 2011-05-27
Haspa Marathon 2011

16.000 runners and approx. 800.000 fans

Landesgartenschauby: Rowald 2011-05-12
822th Habor Birthdayby: Rowald 2011-05-10
822th Habor Birthday

822 Jahre Hamburger Hafen. Das ist immer ein riesen Event.

Europa Passage / Europe Mallby: Rowald 2011-04-17
Europa Passage / Europe Mall

 This is a new passage in the very center of the city. Its the biggest of approx. 15 in the city center. A passage is way through some buildings creating a mall.

Bleichenhofby: Rowald 2011-04-16
Stadtparkby: Rowald 2011-04-16

 City Park another large park area north of Hamburg's center.

Kiezby: Rowald 2011-04-10

Kiez is an area of Hamburg you may call red light district. Part of this area is the Reeperbahn, which might be known by more than the name Hamburg.


Sorry ... not many photos here. Live takes place at night when photography doesn't work that good.

Museum der Arbeitby: Rowald 2011-04-07
Museum der Arbeit

 Museum of work

Alster 2006by: Rowald 2011-04-06
Alster 2006
Vier & Marschlandeby: Rowald 2011-03-27
Vier & Marschlande

One of Hamburg's outskirt areas.

Hanse Hof Passageby: Rowald 2011-03-23
Hanse Hof Passage
Cafe Sommer Terrassenby: Rowald 2011-03-18
Cafe Sommer Terrassen
Shopping Centerby: Rowald 2010-09-17
Shopping Center
Skyby: Rowald 2010-03-06

Good as website background / Gut als Webseitenhintergrund zu gebrauchen

Alstervergnügen 2009by: Rowald 2010-03-02
Alstervergnügen 2009
Hafencityby: Rowald 2009-12-03
Hamburg in Springby: Rowald 2009-10-04
Hamburg in Spring
Alstervergnügen 2008by: Rowald 2009-09-12
Alstervergnügen 2008

Alstervergnügen is a big vanity fair which last 4 days. Live music, fireworks, food and a lot of fun is what you can expect there. There are many fireworks in Hamburg, but these three are the better ones. This time I shot the fireworks from a distant bridge. Check out my photos.

Hamburg in Autumnby: Rowald 2009-09-09
Hamburg in Autumn
Cherry Blossom Festival 2008by: Rowald 2009-09-01
Cherry Blossom Festival 2008
Planten und Bloomenby: Rowald 2009-09-01
Planten und Bloomen

Planten und Bloomen (Plants and Flowers) is another large park area in the heart of Hamburg. Many plants and flowers are displayed in this area and a water light show during the night.

Queen Mary 2by: Rowald 2009-08-25
Queen Mary 2

Queen Mary 2 escort tour

Dalhiengartenby: Rowald 2009-08-24
D-EBDKby: Rowald 2009-08-24

Am Samstag den 22. August 2009 auf der Elbe verunglücktes Wasserflugzeug

Alsterby: Rowald 2009-08-11

 Alster is a big lake right in the center of Hamburg

San Franciscoby: Rowald 2008-09-26
San Francisco

Having time to spend in San Francisco? Grab a Bart (commuter train) at the airport and head downtown. Take a nice walk to the north beach area where Pier 39 and other nice places are located. Check out the monk seals and all other strange creatures hanging out there. Lots of stores and activities will inspire you and get your time killed easily. San Francisco has not a good weather reputation, but I never had bad weather and so you can see on my photos.

Cruise Days 2008by: Rowald 2008-08-03
Cruise Days 2008

I came to the habor by exident, which turned out to be a good day. It was Cruise Days, which is that several cruise ship come to Hamburg over some days and that is used to party. A friend and me ended up to be on a bark unreleated to those Cruise Days.

This bark offered a habor tour with a bit of theatre. The tour actually lasted 3 hours and we saw many corners of this big habor including ships like the Queen Mary 2. All those Cruise Days visitors didn't get as close as we got by boat. Nice coincidence to have all these extras as balloons over the city on top. I made many photos as you can see.

After the tour we decided to have a look at this new bar I heard about. Its located in a new hotel River Side Empire or so at the 20th story. We got to see a spectacular view including fireworks over the Queen Mary.

keywords: Queen Mary 2, River Side Empire

Zollenspiekerby: Rowald 2008-05-15

Zollenspieker is a place in Hamburg which should not only be vistied on Mother's day and in Spring, but any time one needs to get out of the city hazzle.

Jenisch Parkby: Rowald 2008-05-15
Jenisch Park

Finally after many many years I got back to this park. Hamburg has many parks, but this is one of the more impressive ones and a must if you come to see this city.

Hamburg Marathon 2008by: Rowald 2008-05-06
Hamburg Marathon 2008

Another marathon with over 23000 more people are famous as they all deserve the respect for participating in the annual Hamburg Marathon. Seeing the marathon life was an amazing experience. The mood in the crowed and the interaction of runners with bystanders made this an enjoyable event.

Hamburg in Spring (2008)by: Rowald 2008-04-09
Hamburg in Spring (2008)

Spring in Hamburg means the colors are coming back. Check out and get some impressions.

Michelby: Rowald 2008-03-29

Hamburg's Michel - St. Michaelis Church. Historically an important church to Hamburg which also offers a spectacular view over Hamburg. This church is the resting place of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.

This is another landmark offering a spectacular view over Hamburg. See some photos in our gallery.

St. Nikolai churchby: Rowald 2008-03-25
St. Nikolai church

Hamburg is a place where old and new comes together. It has had times of success and times it and its people had to suffer. The remaining ruin of St. Nikolai church became a WW2 memorial after "Operation Gomorrha" and many more aerial attacks, which had brought firestorms and destruction to Hamburg.

This place offers a spectacular view over Hamburg. See some photos in our gallery.

819th Habor Birthdayby: Rowald 2008-03-15
819th Habor Birthday

Hamburg's habour is 819 years old. The birthday party was the world`s biggest Port Festival. The party was a super large vanity fair with many different bands, food, roller coaster, fireworks, air shows and water events like the tug boat ballet. Many of the visiting ships were large sail ships and they were open for visitors.

See photos form the departure parade in the gallery.

keywords: 819-ter Hafengeburtstag, 819ter Hamburger Hafengeburtstag, 819th habor birthday

Christmas 2007by: Rowald 2008-01-12
Christmas 2007

A bit late, but still I wanted to give you a little impression of Hamburg during the Christmas time with ist many special markets and decoration.

Norwayby: Rowald 2007-11-03

Get a taste of beautiful Norway. I was there many times and still have not enough of it. I got a ton of photos, but it takes time to sort them out. See some in the Gallery and make up your own opinion and come back, as I will add more.

Autumn impressionsby: Rowald 2007-10-14
Autumn impressions

Some impression of autumn in Hamburg.

I will add more photos as long as the autumn lasts and opportunities for shooting photos come up.

Maracatuby: Rowald 2007-10-13

Always good to have a camera at hand. Just stumbled upon this dance group Maracatu as I couldn't resist to follow the rhythm of Brazilian music. There was this group dancing dressed in colorful old costumes with such an expression, that I had to take some snaps. See for yourself in the gallery and learn more at their website.


Airport Days 2007by: Rowald 2007-09-21
Airport Days 2007

Some aviation history photos I took at the Hamburg Airport Days. Unfortunately one couldn't get too close or an unobstructed view of this spectacle. Too many fences for the security of course. Exiting still to see the development of this type of technique. From the JU 52 to the Super Constallation and lastly to the Airbus A380. Waiting for my first flight with this giant.

Keywords: Fuhlsbüttel, HAM, Flughafen

Alstervergnügen 2007by: Rowald 2007-08-24
Alstervergnügen 2007

Alstervergnügen is a big vanity fair which last 3 or 4 days. Live music, fireworks, food and a lot of fun is what you can expect there. There are many fireworks in Hamburg, but this, the first day, was one of a kind. I would say the most exiting I ever saw. Check photos inside the gallery.

Alster boat tourby: Rowald 2007-08-24
Alster boat tour

Its always worth while to explore places in Hamburg. We rented a little boat and took a 90 minute tour, which is too short, but exciting still. The bst part in using a little boat is, you can explore places which are not reachable by other means.

Check out the results of this little exploration in the gallery

Harley Days 2007by: Rowald 2007-07-15
Harley Days 2007

Always good to have a camera at hand. I was invited to brunch and that happened to be right where Hamburg's Harley days took place. All the bikers with not only Harleys gathered for there round tour right in front of us. A kind of vanity fair where right across the road so we went there too. See some of our impressions in the gallery. (more pictures to come)

Cherry Blossom Festivalby: Rowald 2007-05-19
Cherry Blossom Festival

This was a bit unorganized. I didn't exactly know the location of the fireworks and so I was a bit far away. I couldn't use a tripod, so it was a bit of a problem to hold still. The fireworks was displayed with some weird breaks and at the end as everyone was away, one could hear some more bangs. I don't know if the fireworks went on after an obvious final. Hope you like the photos anyways so check out the gallery

Hamburg's haborby: Rowald 2007-05-15
Hamburg's habor

Habor & Speicherstadt (Storage facility). Speicherstadt is the biggest historical storage facilities. It was and still is being used to store coffee, carpets etc.

Hamburg's habor is 818 years oldby: Rowald 2007-05-13
Hamburg's habor is 818 years old

Hamburg's habour is 818 years old soo. The birthday party (May 11 to 13, 2007) was the world`s biggest Port Festival. The first rainy day counted already over 250000 visitors. The party was a super large vanity fair with many different bands, food, roller coaster, fireworks, air shows and water events like the tug boat ballet. Many of the visiting ships were large sail ships and they were open for visitors.

See photos form the party, the tug boat ballet, the fireworks and the departure parade in the gallery.

keywords: 818-ter Hafengeburtstag, 818ter Hamburger Hafengeburtstag, 818th habor birthday

Speicherstadtby: Rowald 2007-05-12

The century-old Speicherstadt in Hamburg/Germany is the world's oldest warehouse complex. It was built at the turn of the century in red bricks with gabled roofs and small towers.

Nowadays, the Speicherstadt not only houses warehouses for coffee, carpets etc. , but also a museum, theaters and even apartments.

The Speicherstadt can easily be explored by foot or from a nice boat tour through the channels.

MIR, russian trainings shipby: Rowald 2007-05-06
MIR, russian trainings ship

I was back in the habor of Hamburg again and it was a few days before the habor birthday. I found the famous russian trainings ship MIR and one could go on it for a minor cover charge. I sure did this and took some pictures you may view in the gallery. The very young looking sailers on board where polite, but didn't speak much english so you and I rely on visual impressions..

All the signs on board were english so one knew where one could go and that was almost everywhere.

Domby: Rowald 2007-05-04

Hamburg's Dom is a big vanity fair. It takes place four times a year for three weeks. Dom is the german word for cathedral and indeed was the Heiligengeistfeld the location where a cathedral stood. That was long ago thought

As youngsters we where fond of all the roller coasters and later of all the good and special food.

Hamburg Marathonby: Rowald 2007-04-29
Hamburg Marathon

Over 23000 more people are famous as they all deserve the respect for participating in the annual Hamburg Marathon. Of course the winner has to be mentioned as well as he made the course in 2:07:32 hours. The winner Rop also won the Boston marathon in 2002.

Seeing the marathon life was an amazing experience. The mood in the crowed and the interaction of runners with bystanders made this an enjoyable event.

Personally, I found it interesting to see how different runners run along. Some looked exhausted after a few miles, but most made it anyways independent of that. I saw a few again after they had run 22 miles and it made no difference to me. Unexpected to me was to see a lot of normal looking people among the runners.

Planetariumby: Rowald 2007-04-25

Formerly a water tower located inside the Stadtpark (City Park) is now housing Hamburg's planetarium. This is a beautiful place where nature and (popular) science come together. You can attend different shows, readings and even music events. It features a powerful projector, which lets you travel through time and space.

I did ask and I was shown the way up to the roof. No cover no guard and what a view I had after clinbimg up 8 stories through this building. Hamburg's buildings are hidden outside the park, but among all those trees. Its hard to believe how big this city is.


Alstervergnügen 2006by: Rowald 2006-10-10
Alstervergnügen 2006

There are many fireworks in Hamburg. This one took place at the Alstervergnügen. At this event three contries compete on three nights and show off their best fireworks.

Well, I was waiting to check out photography of fireworks and finally got a chance. I always want to express my view of photography and so I gave up quickly on the pre-programmed firework settings. I wanted fireworks and no tracers. Some problems emerged as I found my viewport fenced in and also discovered an electrical wire above me. There was no time to change location and so see what came out of this.

Hamburg -2006by: Rowald 2006-04-14
Hamburg -2006

Hamburg is one of my favorite places. I'll add lots of photos of this exciting place soon.

Here a little info: Hamburg has more than 2300 bridges, that is more than Venice and Amsterdam combined. With over 90 consulates, Hamburg is second after New York City in the world. With over 30 square metres of space per person, Hamburg has the biggest average living space of all major cities in the world. Approx. 14% of the city area are green spaces and recreational areas. Hamburg houses about 850000 trees. Hamburg is Germany's Media Capital. Hamburg has a lot of cultural things to offer. Hamburg is known by most people in the world, well that is indirectly as Reeperbahn is the magic word.

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